Sunday Roast – The Little Marionette

1 03 2009

Today I should be roasting up a storm with the boys. But unfortunately I am stuck at home with the aforementioned assignment 😦

I did however manage to sneak out this morning before church to Balmain to pick up some breakkie at The Little Marionette. If you haven’t been before – you should go.

It’s a tiny cafe carved out of the wall opposite Gladstone Park and next to Balmain hospital. It makes the most of the park by offering free rugs to sit on. We don’t usually stick around though, just pick up and go. There is almost always a line out the front.

The espresso is well made and I think they have their own bean – not too sure about that one. The owner is friendly and keen for a chat and this morning he was sporting one of the most impressive moustaches I have ever seen.

The highlight for us though, is the banana bread with passionfruit butter! Whoever thought of bringing butter and passionfruit together = Genius! It was a little pricey this morning at 1 slice for $5, but I was happy to part with my hard earned for it.

Check it out if you get a chance.



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