Caught in the ACT

4 03 2009

I spent a day yesterday in our nation’s capital attending a health financing course.

The course was good, if you’re into sitting in a room all day with actuaries and public servants talking about government health policy.

There’s not much doing in Canberra. However, I did manage to sneak out during the lunch break to check out the National Gallery. Didn’t see any of the Degas exhibit, but I did see some Picasso, some Pollock and some Monet. The sculpture garden is also a cracker.

Beer News

4 03 2009

Outstanding, fantastic, sensational, uber-exciting news on the beer front!

The Local Taphouse, an awesome bar in Melbourne, with an extensive beer menu, that I have praised before has just started operating in Sydney!

It’s in Darlinghurst and a friend of mine who visited last night gave it a 9/10 for overall experience. A great range on tap that is expensive without being ridiculous and good quality pub food at a reasonable price.

More info here and here at le blog once I have been myself!