Sunday Roast – Aerobie

8 03 2009

Last night, we had Matt and Thea over for some Thai takeaway and a catch up. Good times.

Matt also brought over his new toy – an Aerobie  Aeropress.

Has anyone tried one of these before? Interesting concept. The air pressure from the rubber sealed plunger is supposed to push the water through the coffee evenly and at a consistent pressure. It uses filter paper, so you can grind the beans espresso-fine. It gives a more intense flavour than a plunger coffee, probably because of the pressured “extraction” but not as intense as an espresso. Although on our last double shot we managed to get a bubbly sort of crema on top.

Had it with some steamed milk in a latte – also not bad. But thats where you can really tell that it lacks the punch of an espresso.

I reckon it would be ideal long black for some types of bean. Easy to use, easy to clean and a bit of good fun.

Thanks for a lovely evening Turners!



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8 03 2009

Yeah, I’ve got an aeropress. The best results I had were ignoring the instructions, using loads more water and making more a brewed black coffee – so not even trying to make it as an ‘espresso’. I would guess using lighter roasts than one tends to for espresso would be a good idea. I know lots of people who love it; I haven’t used mine enough to decide whether I like it or not – at the moment I’m completely addicted to pourover, especially with a cloth filter.

9 03 2009

No, thank YOU.

11 03 2009

I knew you would know something about this Michelle!
More water sounds like a good idea. It is definitely more on the plunger end of the spectrum.
Lighter roast, something with some floral or fruity flavours in it – sounds yum!
Pourover with a cloth filter? Have you blogged about that? sounds fascinating!

11 03 2009

Well, with some of the top notch Ethiopian and Kenyans around at the moment, you probably couldn’t go wrong. They’re SO HOT right now. Mmm …

Um, I haven’t posted extensively on the cloth filter, or on pourover at all really, mainly because I’m still experimenting at getting the grind/dose/bloom/pour right. Here’s a pic though:

Essentially, you rinse the ‘sock’, add in your coffee, (just) saturate it, allow it to bloom (I aim for about 30 secs), then very slowly pour in the water in a spiral that radiates from the centre. At the moment I’m grinding about the same as for syphon, and dosing about 8g/100ml.

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