Thursday Thought – Allegedly

12 03 2009

I think no one knows how to deal with alleged sexual assault.
Taking the Brett Stewart case, what is the most appropriate response by those involved?
Manly wanted to take the view that because they were only allegations he should be allowed to carry on his normal role.
The NRL thought otherwise and decided to ban him for “getting drunk” at the pre-season function. This despite not banning a Manly team mate who also got drunk and slapped a sponsor.
But what is the right response?
What’s the best thing to do for the sake of the alleged victim? For the accused?For the community at large?
Just watching him on the footy show now. His interview before all this happened was very telling!



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13 03 2009

sorry about the lateness – wordpress issues on the iPhone AND the lappy

14 03 2009
Dave K

What is the best response? That is hard question to answer – I think the NRL did the right thing in not letting him play.
One of the ongoing questions that flow out of these incidents fuelled by alcohol is why those who play league should be scrutinised more than other people in society? I reckon this is because they are seen as leaders in some way shape or form. And we expect a high degree of morality from our leaders. Even think about the ‘storm’ over the PM dropping the ‘s’ word.
I wonder whether these high ideals are in some way connected to the Bible. In particular when Paul addresses leaders in Timothy and Titus and outlines the way of life in which they are to live.
Personally those who play league professionally need to deal with the fact they are a public figure and though they may not say much (this is to no ones detriment by the way – just think Willie Mason – NOOOO) what they do will speak loud enough in some cases.
There was an interesting bit in the Fitz Files about the way in which the Manly boys were behaving at this function as seen through the eyes of an observer. There is definitely a drinking culture that is being unhelpfully fostered that also needs addressing.


15 03 2009

Hey Dave – thanks for your comments – love your work.
I agree re leadership, greater scrutiny, etc.
Hard thing to put on these guys because they aren’t leaders because they are good at leading. they are where they are because they’re good at footy!
The scary thing for me is how ALL young men, not just footy players are behaving on the weekends. I think there is a society wide problem with young mens atitude to alcohol and women.

15 03 2009
Dave K

I think you are spot on (as usual mate!) about it being a wider issue. So much so that I am running a night called ‘God and Grog: A byo event’ at our church for our young adults on the 31st March. Would appreciate your prayers.
There is a connection that we make in society that being good at a sport makes you a leader in some way – it sounds a bit vague but I think we make a connection there.

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