Sunday Roast – How do you take your coffee?

15 03 2009

How do you take for coffee?


Morning – Flat White for Me. Latte for Adri.

Afternoon – If I’m feeling sleepy – take away latte from Tower 3 cafe. Best espresso within 5mins of PwC.

Evening – Short black if I’m feeling adventerous, otherwise an affogato.

Contemplating a vanilla choc-chip affogato this evening! Yum!

Did you know affogato is Italian for ‘choked’ according to Wikipedia? Any idea why it got that name?

Pic from here.



7 responses

16 03 2009
Ben McLaughlin

Flat White with One.

That picture looks very appetising..

16 03 2009

Takeaway Flat with 2 in the morning from Fioro on Pitt St.

Any other time it’ll be a Latte…. generally with 2 or more sugars…..

And if I need to relax, I’ll hit up a “Yuan Yang”; chinese tea and coffee in 1 mixture, with milk and sugar.

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of an affogato, but have never really tried one….

16 03 2009

Tea and coffee in one? Sounds fascinating!
Had a vanilla choc chip affogato tonight!

16 03 2009

I made my brother, Nic, a Connoisseur ‘Chocolate Brownie’ affogato the other night. He like!

16 03 2009

Now THAT sounds extravagant! With some threebeans coffee?
Would love to try one of those.

16 03 2009

Ben – I wish I could take credit for it. Mine are far uglier. Yummy though!

17 03 2009
dave miers

choked because the coffee comes around and smothers the ice-cream – thus choking it and eventually killing it!

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