Thursday Thought – The Pope

19 03 2009

I think the Pope needs to work on his PR.

This story caused a bit of a stir from those sitting around me at work yesterday.

“What does he think hes going on about?”

“He’s not making any sense!”

“That’s a stupid thing to say!”

“This is like when he condemned that 9-year-old, pregnant to her step-dad, for having an abortion!

I haven’t read any stories where the Pope is given the chance to explain his belief that condoms only aggravate the AIDS problem, but I imagine his reasoning is something like:

AIDs is spread as a result of promiscuity –> the solution is monogamous marital relationships –> condoms only encourage promiscuity –> therefore condoms only make the problem worse.

Now the Pope might be absolutely spot on with his assessment. Abstinence outside of marriage may be the only solution to the AIDs problem. For Catholics, his comments may be the reminder they need to flee sexual sin. His comments may be the leadership those in the Catholic church need.

But to outsiders, including my work colleagues, all they hear is the a self-righteous man who has lost touch with reality and only wants to condemn the poorest and sickest people in the world. Regardless of his intentions, that headline screams insensitivity. Someone put it: “The people will not follow what the pope is saying. He lives in Heaven and we are on Earth.”

I don’t know how the Pope views his role as God’s representative here on earth, but I think he would have better PR if he was seen demonstrating the love and forgiveness of Christ to those who need it most.



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