Sunday Roast

22 03 2009

It was amateur hour at the three beans roasting session this week. No disasters with the coffee – that all come out spectacular as usual – but we weren’t the well-oiled machine we have been in the past.

It was a bit early to crack it open (only 3 days post-roast), but I couldn’t resist starting on the Brazil Daterra today. Macchiato + Choc-Chip Hot cross bun. Yum!!

As an aside, how much better is a choc-chip HXB than a regular HXB?!? This year, Bakers Delight have experimented with a Mocha flavoured HXB. Probably even more yucky than the ones Coles makes with citrus peel. Goo!

I am going to be desperately without coffee (and buns) for the next five days. I am off on my Commercial Actuarial Practice Course for some HAIKU followed by a 8 hour case study exam on Friday. I am living on campus, so tragically I have to say goodbye to my wife and my cat. 😦

See you all next Saturday. Until then, please feel free to keep my blog ticking over by suggesting new flavours of HXB for Bakers Delight.

Hot Cross Buns on wiki. CAP Course.