Don’s Words

2 04 2009

Some gold from Don the other day. Cadre. The select, core group of an organisation.


Thursday Thought

2 04 2009

I think there are far more world views out there than I can possibly comprehend.

I met a guy a few weeks ago who began telling me about his views on life, the universe, death, spirituality and everything.

We had coffee the other day so we could keep chatting. I was surprised at how passionate he is about this worldview he has developed over the years. He is firm in his belief and is keen to teach me as much as he can so I can be aware of it too.

It got me thinking about being sensitive to what other people believe. Not in a “it doesn’t matter what you believe” kind of way. But more from the point of view of understanding how to approach people.

I think I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that people are shallow. That they don’t understand my world view, the gospel,  because they don’t think deeply enough about these things.

But really, I think I don’t give these people enough credit. They are thinking far more deeply about things than I know.