On the Bus

3 04 2009

Was listening to my ipod on the bus this morning and suddenly had an incredible urge to start singing out loud.

I wish I:

a) owned a guitar,
b) knew how to play one and
c) carried it with me just for occasions like this.

Next time.



4 responses

7 04 2009

I frequently have moments like that at work, although I inevitably end up bursting into a few words of song before I get a strange look from a patient or fellow staff member. At least a guitar would put it into a bit of context. what were you listening to at the time?

8 04 2009

Wow! I’m glad I’m not the only one. that could be really inappropriate/embarrasssing in your job!

I was listening to city and colour – death of me. It may have been!

1 05 2009

had u been reading Psalms lately?

I find when I get up to that book, my normal life turns into some sort of musical with random-bursts-into-songs! (And no I’m not “singing” the psalms when I’m reading them… just reading them). It happened in 2007.
I thought to experiment again this year for the month of April, and erm, yeah it happened again.

And go get a guitar, after 3 months u should be able to play well enough for a church plant. 😛
(Go to youtube and look up Daniel Choo, he will teach u all the xn songs).

1 05 2009

I had been actually!
Always wanted to learn the guitar… but I think I am musically challenged.

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