Sunday Roast – Latest Offerings

5 04 2009

The boys did a fabulous job of roasting, again in my absence, this week. Threebeansroasters is going from strength to strength! I had my first order from a work colleague. Word is getting out.

This fortnight, for the first time, I am trialling some Columbian. Colombia ‘Sierra Nevada’ Organic Fair Trade

From the website:

This coffee is simply sensational. It’s fair-trade, organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.

More importantly, it’s a brilliant example of the Columbian bean, with that big central American taste, delicious cocoa flavours and ultra rich crema. The fair-trade logo means this is a slightly more expensive bean, but it’s worth every dollar.

Also roasted this week were the Ministry Grounds House Blend and the Ethiopian Blue Horse Harar. Go place an order for our next roast.