Sunday Roast – Grind Espresso

12 04 2009

As a part of the bucks party yesterday, before we headed off to paintball WAY down at Helensburgh, we all met up at Grind Espresso Bar at Surf Road, Cronulla. It’s a cafe I had heard a lot about, I even have a mate who works behind the machine there on a Sunday morning, but I have just never made it down. (Try to avoid the “Shire” when I can! 🙂 )

It was an early start. My brother Tim and I arrived at 5:55am and there were already a couple of people inside getting their morning caffeine hit. By the time the dozen or so others who were attending the bucks party turned up, the little place was overflowing with people.

It’s a cosy little spot. Church-style pews along the wall and other basic seats gathered around little tables. The twin double-group espresso machines are the centre of the establishment though. I was reliably informed that the guy pulling my shot had been a barista for over 10 years.

The sign above the counter said that the bean of the day was an El Salvador. I didn’t pay enough attention to see if there was a House blend offered. My takeaway latte had a strong flavour that I could tie back to the threebeans El Salvador. It was perfect temperature and the milk was done well. Would have loved to have stuck around for a drink-in latte, but paintball was calling!

People tell me that there are queues out the door every weekend and my barista tells me they average about 18kg (!!) of coffee in between 6am and 1pm on a Sunday. I can see why Grind is so popular down in the Shire. It is a good name. “Grind”. Goes well in a sentence (Do you wanna meet at Grind?) and shows they know that grind is crucial to making espresso. It’s only a hundred metres or so from the beach and it’s very trendy without being uninviting to the dags among us.

Most importantly, they make good, consistent espresso.

Very keen to go back there and give it another try. Just as soon as I can bring myself to venture back into the Shire. 😉


12 04 2009