Thursday Thought – Knowing God

16 04 2009

I think there is a big difference between knowing God and knowing about God.

I fear I rely to heavily on the latter, whilst leaving the former undone.

Ok. I confess. This isn’t an original thought. I stole it from J I Packer. I have just started re-reading his book “Knowing God”. This book is a ripper. It’s a cracker, a belter, a corker and a flamin’ bottler!

Since it’s his thought, I’ll let him put it on his words:

“We are perhaps, orthodox evangelicals. We can state the gospel clearly, and can smell unsound doctrine a mile away. If asked how one may know God, we can at once produce the right formula – that we come to know God through Jesus Christ the Lord, in virtue of his cross and mediation, on the basis of his word of promise, by the power of the Holy Spirit, via a personal exercise of faith. Yet the gaiety, goodness and unfetteredness of spirit which are the marks of those who have known God are rare among us – rarer, perhaps, than they are on some other Christian circles where, by comparison, evangelical truth is less clearly and fully known.”

J I Packer – Knowing God

The Local Taphouse – Sydney Version

16 04 2009

I’ve blogged before about the Local Taphouse coming from Melbourne to Sydney.

I also promised more info once I had been.

Well I’ve now been (last Thursday night – how good are long weekends?) and I can say it was AWESOME!

They have decorated the place really well. Similar style to the Melbourne Taphouse. Tram seats along the walls, small tables, plenty of wood and leather-bound books (classy).

But clearly, it’s all about the beer.

The range is exceptional, certainly more than you could get through in a few visits. The also do a feature brewery each month and focus on that brewerys offerings. This month it is Bridge Road Brewers down in Victoria. I had their Aussie Ale and their “Bling” IPA. Adri had the Hargreaves hill ESB – which is especially tasty.

The food ain’t bad either. Adri had the mussells (all self-respecting beer venues must sell mussells these days) and I had a simple, tasty and reasonably priced pizza.

The location is a little awkward, parking wasn’t particularly easy. But I will definitely be going back for another round.