Sunday Roast – Syphon Coffee

26 04 2009

I got the 17th issue of “Cafe Culture” thisweek. It’s described as the magazine for the cafe industry and retails for $6.95. But the have been sending it to me for free ever since I put my details down when I went to watch Sam compete in a barista competition.

Anyhoo, there is an article in this issue entitled “Japanese Syphon”. It’s all about syphon coffee, which has apparently been around since the 1830s, but is only new to me. I only know what I’ve read from Michelle.

I’m very keen to learn more. Apparently, Mecca has some syphons in store. I’m thinking about asking them for a syphon brew this week.

(Image from flickr – chez pim – here)



2 responses

26 04 2009


Best syphon brew I’ve ever had was a Sidamo at Mecca.

Syphons are SO HOT right now. Especially with any top shelf Ethiopian or Kenyan in ’em.

The only problem is that the current level of interest in them means that syphon prices on ebay have skyrocketed 😉

27 04 2009

Hey Michelle, I just went. Sidamo (Bagesh?) in the syphon. YUM! So tasty. And feeling really good after drinking it too. Will post more later.
Thanks for the tip.

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