Sunday Roast – Syphoned Sidamo at Mecca

3 05 2009

Well, after getting excited about the possibility of a syphon coffee at Mecca during the week, a friend from work and I went down to try one out (after a little side-trip to Clarence St to get a new inner tube, but thats another story).

I must say, I was not disappointed.

They are certainly not making a spectacle of the syphon. It is hidden away in a corner of the cafe and I felt like I was putting them out by asking for one. I think they should have it displayed more prominently, because it really is a pretty thing to watch the coffee sucked back into the vacuum. Check it out on youtube.

It cost me $4.50. Two bucks more than a takeaway latte, but well worth it for the novelty and the flavour experience. It was unlike any coffee I have ever had. A really nice floral aroma. I spent ages just smelling it. The flavour was nice too, but somewhat diluted compared to the smell. No trace of bitterness at all. I proabably should have let it sit for a bit longer because it seemed like the flavours were developing as it cooled. Lots of sweetness that haven’t experienced with a long black or plunger coffee.

The bean was an Ethiopian Sidamo (Bagresh?? something like that) and they only had a bit of it, especially for the syphon.

I will definitely be going back for another – loved it.

(I get the feeling that there are differing views on how you should go about adding and stirring the coffee. But I won’t try to understand that just yet.)




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4 05 2009

Should just point out that some of the beans Paul’s sticking through the syphons are over $50/kg green, so yeah, you pay more, but seriously, it’s still a bargain. (Abdellah Bagersh is a producer/miller/exporter – he’s responsible for the spectacular Beloya, as well as the Idido Misty Valley!!)

He’s also doing great things in regards to getting high quality greens out of Ethiopia; and knows more about the situation over there (with their new legislation) than anyone I’ve heard on the subject.

And yes, you should definitely let syphon brews cool, as they ‘turn’ and change completely as they do so.

4 05 2009

Er, when I say ‘he’ in the second para, I mean Paul πŸ˜‰

4 05 2009

Bagersh! Thanks – thats been bugging me.
Thats a lot of $$ for green beans. But it was an exceptionally tasty cup. I am very keen to get back there once I’m back at work.
Which one is Paul? I think I could guess – but I’ve never spoken to him. Will have to try to have a chat next time.

4 05 2009

Paul is the owner dude, umm … the guy on the far right in this pic:

4 05 2009

ok – that wasn’t my guess – but I recognise him
haven’t seen him around for a while though
i must be in there at the wrong times

4 05 2009

Haha, that and that he’s been in Ethiopia, the US and goodness knows where else recently πŸ˜‰

Grrr, all this talk is making me really, really want to go to Mecca. NOW!!

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