The Local Taphouse

14 05 2009

Had a superb evening yesterday at the Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst.

The festival of Hamm’s birthday/farewell continued with the Guthries, the Tooses (NC), Ian, Turns, Calum, Nathan, Trevena and Hamm.

I had 6 sensational beers (don’t look at me like that! 5 of them were only samples – only about 2.5 standard drinks in total – I love a paddle):

  • Feral Brewing White,
  • Feral Brewing Hop Hog IPA,
  • Feral Brewing Boris Russian Imperial Stout,
  • Two Brothers ‘Growler’ US Brown Ale
  • Rocks Brewing Co ‘Byrne’s’ Red Ale,
  • Little Creatures ‘Stimulus’ IPA,
  • and I even tried a little of Adri’s Matilda Bay ‘Barking Flamingo’Framboise

It was a delightful evening of good friends, yummy food and delightful beers.

Check it out if you haven’t been there.



9 responses

14 05 2009

how was ferals russion imperial?

14 05 2009

consensus was that it was delicious!
everyone who had it commented on how tasty it was.
very smooth. chocolate and caramel from memory. but I didn’t take notes.

14 05 2009

aren’t you forgetting lucky number 18..
the super tasty Hagreaves Hill ESB…

and that ferals imperial went down a treat

14 05 2009

How many paddles did you have again mish? The stout was great but was definitely a sipper – you wanted to savour every last drop… slowly. Not as strong as Cornelius’ famous death stout though.

14 05 2009

I didn’t have any ESB.
I have had it before. But, mark my words, I will have it again. Very tasty.
How many paddles did you have hamm? Enough to take a canoe home?
Two canoes?

14 05 2009

Where is matt toose – I feel like this comment thread is missing something?

15 05 2009

“And in St Kilda only – Feral Razorback (2009 AIBA Champion Scotch Ale/Barley Wine) – the second biggest beer I have tasted this year at 11%! This would have been on in Darlinghurst this month but we kind of accidentally tapped it the week we opened up there so it has been and gone. Sorry to those who missed it. I suggest you jump in the car and pop down the Hume Highway and try it in St Kilda as it is something special.”

15 05 2009

…just getting my keys…

16 05 2009

i was annoyed when they didnt have the razorback.. i was excited about it.
and please.. i only had 2 paddles… enough to get me upstream…
and then a pint of number 18.. yum!

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