Sunday Roast – Lamb!

25 05 2009

I have taken delivery this week of:

  1. 250g threebeansroasters Ethioian Yirgacheffe
  2. 250g threebeansroasters El Salvador ‘Santa Teresa’ Organic RFA
  3. a small sample of the threebeansroasters decaf

I have only just cracked open the Yirg and it was still a bit early methinks ( a few bubbles in the crema). Having said that, it tasted alright. But I have a headcold so everything tastes alright at the moment! I wouldn’t be doing it justice to try and describe it here and now.

So in lieu of coffee talk, let me tell you about my delicious Sunday Roast lamb! Adri worked wonders tonight with a Coles mini leg of lamb, some roast potatoes, green beans and gravy. This was delightfully accompanied by a Victorian Cab Merlot, part of a recent purchase from the Wine Society.

If you’re not a member of the wine society, and you are a responsible adult who enjoys a responsible amount of wine, check them out! There are bargains to be had. When I joined up, they gave me a free bottle of this. I have struggled to spend the value of that one bottle in almost a year!

Feeling Bitter

25 05 2009

My good friend, Turns, and I were talking the other night at the Local Taphouse, and he was able to clear up a misconception for me.

Thanks to that Australian institution, Victoria Bitter, which is a tasty aussie LAGER, I was under the impression that the word ‘bitter’ meant a beer was a lager.

But I was wrong. Very wrong. Man of the world (and not too long ago, the UK) Turns, informed me that “bitter” was a word the brits used to describe ALES.

Why does this make me feel bitter? Well there is world of difference between an ale and a lager. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic lagers out there (YUM!), but generally speaking I’ll take an ale over a lager any day. When I’ve seen beers labelled bitter, I have been dismissing them as lagers and not necessarily worthy of another look. How wrong I have been! The term Extra Special Bitter, has become just that much more special to me!

Also, I would hate to think there are people out there buying VB thinking it is Australia’s answer to an English ale.

Phew! Glad I could get that off my chest!