Feeling Bitter

25 05 2009

My good friend, Turns, and I were talking the other night at the Local Taphouse, and he was able to clear up a misconception for me.

Thanks to that Australian institution, Victoria Bitter, which is a tasty aussie LAGER, I was under the impression that the word ‘bitter’ meant a beer was a lager.

But I was wrong. Very wrong. Man of the world (and not too long ago, the UK) Turns, informed me that “bitter” was a word the brits used to describe ALES.

Why does this make me feel bitter? Well there is world of difference between an ale and a lager. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic lagers out there (YUM!), but generally speaking I’ll take an ale over a lager any day. When I’ve seen beers labelled bitter, I have been dismissing them as lagers and not necessarily worthy of another look. How wrong I have been! The term Extra Special Bitter, has become just that much more special to me!

Also, I would hate to think there are people out there buying VB thinking it is Australia’s answer to an English ale.

Phew! Glad I could get that off my chest!



One response

25 05 2009
Dave K

My word that Turns is a smart bloke isn’t he? Is there nothing he does NOT know?? I think there should be a post called challenge Turns and see whether we can find an answer to the latter question????

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