Passions of a 50 year old man – Number 2

28 05 2009

Apart from enjoying the ABC (in which, it seems, I am not alone – YAY!) there are other indicators suggesting my premature ageing.

The second is my love of the game of golf. Now I know that many young men and women enjoy the odd hit of this ancient game, but I have taken it to extreme. I play almost every Saturday morning with my dad and my brother, usually crawling out of bed at around 5:30am. Obsessive? Maybe… but I really do love it!

When I look around the golf course on a Saturday morning, there are many who share my passion. But very few of them are under 40 years old. I have my brother there, but at 30 – he’s no spring chicken!

The young guys who do play regularly, more often than not play regularly because they are quite good. The guys who work in the pro shop, the reps on the club pennant team, all have considerable talent. I on the other hand, am not very good. I play despite my ability, not because of it.

What do you think? Is this Saturday morning ritual of early rises, silly outfits and frustratingly chasing a white ball over 18 well manicured landscapes a mark of a man rapidly losing touch with his youth? Or can I be the exception: a cool, young, obsessed golfer?



5 responses

28 05 2009

A very cool, young obessed golfer with a very lovely patient wife…

28 05 2009

whoops obsessed

28 05 2009

You certainly have the swing of a much older man.

28 05 2009

like 30?

29 05 2009
Dave K

Listen to ABC – huh, what is am radio??
Cryptic crosswords – I struggle to do find a words?? Although don’t mind me scrabble!!
But golf, well as one passionate golfer to another – I don’t care if it is an old mans game or you do swing it like a 30 year old (which may or may not be true – only way to figure it out is to get out there again!) it is a great game. Only real men play golf – the rest swim and do other boring stuff!!!! 🙂

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