Sunday Roast – New Milk Jug

10 05 2009

I have been on the hunt for a new milk jug for some time. My old jug has a shallow, ill-defined spout that is lame for latte art. (That makes me a bad tradesman.)

The problem with milk jugs is, they are either not what I’m looking for, or ridiculously expensive. Another key problem is that I am not entirely sure what I should be looking for. Milk jugs seem to be largely a matter of personal preference.

Anyway, on Wednesday after my exam, I thought I would treat myself to a post-study treat. So I ducked out to Jetblack espresso in Cremorne and picked up this little baby…

I really like the bell bottom. It makes spinning milk a cinch. Plus the spout is much better defined than my old jug.

Nothing to blame now… Will have to up my pouring skills!

Guest Post – Cornelius on Mikkeller Beers

9 05 2009

Apologies for the thoughtlessness of Thursday. I’ll adopt the appropriate pose and get thinking for next week. In the mean time, please enjoy a guest post from my dear friend and beer mentor, Cornelius Frank.

The Danish are known for many things. Great pastries, Princess Mary…and I’m sure other things, but I’d never have picked them for a powerhouse in the beer world.

Smashing this misconception comes Mikkeller, the joint product of two homebrewers, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Kristian Klarup Keller. Although one of them has since left, the microbrewery has continued to pump out some crazy, out there and amazingly delicious beers. Taking conventional styles and putting a whacky bent on it (and then adding more hops), Mikkeller have created many memorable and distinctive brews.

While best known for using the civit faece filled coffee Kopi Luvak in their brew Beer Geek Brunch, they have made a mark with their distinctive commitment to setting new boundaries in brewing field, both in Denmark and the world.
Though hard to track down and costing a pretty penny, they really are worth it. Give the It’s Alight a miss though. At 12 bucks a bottle its by far the cheapest of the bunch but doesn’t do the brand justice. The Pale Ales and Indian Pale Ales are brilliant. All Others Pale is particularly excellent. A thirst quencher that hits hard and fast with the hops and mid priced at 20 bucks a bottle. Similarly priced is the Jackie Brown Ale (boom boom..many of their beers have juvenile titles but they’re brewing for the nerds so they don’t really care) although this has more chocolaty notes than you’d expect from a brown ale.

Mikkeller also heads into Belgium style territory with a few barley wines and a triple. All are surprisingly smooth for the ABV they pack and they pour well. They have developed a Wheat Barley wine (Hvedgoop..but I’m not sure what that means) that smells like Grand Ridge’s Supershine but without the chunky taste. At 50 bucks a bottle this might be a bit steep but get a few mates together and share one.

If you are into stouts then you can’t go past the Black Hole Imperial Stout or the Black Imperial Stout. They use champagne yeasts to build up the ABV to 17.5% though they don’t have the overpowering smell of something like Three Monts or SuperTennents. Clever guys.

Overall, Mikkeller is a crazy brewery. They make “out there” beers that excite the tastebuds and challenge common thoughts about beer style. If you’re only going to try one, I recommend the Single Hop Simcoe IPA. A classic IPA made using only one kind of hop (Simcoe..duh) that is amazingly balanced for so strong a beer.

Thanks Cornelius. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

Exam tomorrow

5 05 2009

My final Commercial Actuarial Practice exam is tomorrow.

With any sort of luck this will be my last actuarial exam…


That would be sweet!

Would appreciate some prayer if you are so inclined.

Sunday Roast – Syphoned Sidamo at Mecca

3 05 2009

Well, after getting excited about the possibility of a syphon coffee at Mecca during the week, a friend from work and I went down to try one out (after a little side-trip to Clarence St to get a new inner tube, but thats another story).

I must say, I was not disappointed.

They are certainly not making a spectacle of the syphon. It is hidden away in a corner of the cafe and I felt like I was putting them out by asking for one. I think they should have it displayed more prominently, because it really is a pretty thing to watch the coffee sucked back into the vacuum. Check it out on youtube.

It cost me $4.50. Two bucks more than a takeaway latte, but well worth it for the novelty and the flavour experience. It was unlike any coffee I have ever had. A really nice floral aroma. I spent ages just smelling it. The flavour was nice too, but somewhat diluted compared to the smell. No trace of bitterness at all. I proabably should have let it sit for a bit longer because it seemed like the flavours were developing as it cooled. Lots of sweetness that haven’t experienced with a long black or plunger coffee.

The bean was an Ethiopian Sidamo (Bagresh?? something like that) and they only had a bit of it, especially for the syphon.

I will definitely be going back for another – loved it.

(I get the feeling that there are differing views on how you should go about adding and stirring the coffee. But I won’t try to understand that just yet.)


3 05 2009

Four more baptisms at church this morning.

God is doing awesome things in this Iranian ministry.

I love listening to stories of people coming to faith, and all the little incidents that have played a part along the way. One guy today, Amir, was invited to church by an Iranian Christian who walked into the shop he was working in. She was asking for directions, but they soon realised they were both from Iran and got to talking. She invited him along and know he has turned to Christ. How cool is that?

Thursday Thought – John Pevely

1 05 2009

Apologies for the day-delay.

My Poppa, Mum’s dad, passed away on Wednesday morning. He was very old and had recently lost his wife, my Nanna. He had cancer and was in a fair bit of pain in the last days.

I’ve blogged about him and my Nanna before.

My thoughts have been with him this Thursday. It is sad to say goodbye to him. But it is also a great joy to know that I will see him again in the new creation.