Race to Work

3 06 2009

Ok – quick quiz.

Who would win a race, from Drummoyne to my office in the city, between someone in a bus and a man on foot?

Easy right? Even in the most heinous rainy, Sydney, Victoria Rd traffic (like that seen this morning) a bus surely has all the advantages.

Well, we put that one to the test this morning. After 40mins of crawling from Gladesville to the Iron Cove bridge, I left Adri on the bus and started walking. I kind of intended to jump back on a bus once the traffic started moving, but it never did.

I walked all the way down Victoria Rd, over the Anzac bridge, through Pyrmont and onto the Pyrmont Bridge. Here my progress was stalled because the bridge was opened to let a tugboat push the Darling Harbour floating stage into the bay. I rang Adri to find that she was just about to get off the busout the front of my building a few hundred metres away. If I had made it to the bridge before it opened, I would have been able to meet Adri as she got off the bus!

I ♥ Victoria Rd.



5 responses

3 06 2009

Oh the joys of having a wife, a bus, a road and a pair of working legs….

3 06 2009

thats why all the cool people get to work at 6:40am so that theres no traffic

3 06 2009

cool huh?

3 06 2009

Tis true rockran, earlier morning = less traffic. I’ve been coming to work between 7 and 7:30, yesterday I arrived about 8 and it was jam packed train and station, so I’ve gone back to 7:30 arrival…

5 06 2009

It took John 2 hours to get to college on Vic Rd yesterday (so the same traffic you were talking about) and then once he got set up in the library ready to work, they called a fire drill and he had to go out and into the pouring rain… not a good day for him.

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