Thursday Thought – Chaser

4 06 2009

Thursday Thought lives on!

I think there is a very fine line between witty satire and inappropriate, offensive humour.

And I think that line is all about your audiences understanding and view of the target of your satire.

I think the Chaser boys had the wrong target with this stunt AND misread their audiences view of organisations like the Make a Wish Foundation.

Making fun of world leaders is probably a lot safer.

Have they shot their new season to pieces? Can the come back from this? Will all be forgiven?


QLD 28 – NSW 18

4 06 2009

There were 6 match officials in last nights game. Six! Two on-field referees, two touch judges and two video refs.

I don’t think you could find 6 other people in the rest of the country* who think that Hayne try should have been disallowed.

(*Excluding Queensland)