West Ryde Woolies

5 06 2009

Just felt compelled to tell the world that West Ryde Woolies has THE BEST selection of ice-cream I have come across.

At least half an aisle devoted to tubs and individual cones or sticks.

Far superior to Gladesville Coles.

(How good is Goody Goody Gum Drops?)



4 responses

5 06 2009

What i found weird was the amazing selection of ice creams in new zealand supermarkets. its crazy.

5 06 2009

It’s funny you should mention that rockran, because I believe goody goody gumdrops is a NZ invention.
Those crazy kiwis

5 06 2009

I haven’t heard of goody goody gum drops! Will have to check it out! And we are now quite close to West Ryde too!

6 06 2009

West-side woolies is fantastic

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