Sunday Roast – Allpress

14 06 2009

I don’t know much about Allpress Espresso. I have been there once or twice a long time ago, but Alexandria is a bit out of the way for me.

I have always heard good things though and when I went there with a friend yesterday, I wasn’t disappointed.

The place was full on a Saturday morning, mostly with people getting takeaways. My mate DK and I got a Clover with an Indian single origin that I didn’t catch the name of. It was delicious! It was the first time I had tried a Clover, but I will certainly give it a go again!

Long Weekend – Long Week

14 06 2009

As you know, I love a long weekend.

But the problem with a long weekend is that, by comparison, even a four-day week can seem endless. We have been trying to relax a bit this weekend to compensate for what was a fairly frustrating work week.

Last weekend was a cracker. We went up to Forster with my family and played a bit of golf, did a lot of reading and spent plenty of time sleeping.

We went for a drive north to a little town called Wingham. We checked out the thousands of grey-headed flying foxes they have living there. At the Anglican Op shop I managed to pick up six second-hand books for under five bucks! Some great titles and authors in there too: The Crucible, Tale of Two Cities, Joseph Conrad, GK Chesterton. What a bargain!

Ready for another 3-day weekend. Next one’s not til October… 😦