3.5 years at the 3 weeds

16 06 2009

Adri and I had been married for 3.5 years last Wednesday. Had is only in the past tense because it happened last Wednesday. We’re still married, but for slightly longer than 3.5 years now.

Now I know that 3.5 years isn’t a traditionally significant milestone. But I think it still justified our trip to dinner at the 3 Weeds in Rozelle.

I love the 3 Weeds, and it really comes into its own in winter, with its dark timber and leather furniture and its huge fireplace. We both had the chicken pie and enjoyed some of their fine beverages. Adri had the Bulmers Cider on tap (where else can you find good cider on tap in Sydney?) and I had the Old Speckled Hen on tap.

The beverage highlights were after dinner though. I had the Sinha Stout which surprised me. Having had the lager I didn’t hold a great deal of hope for the Stout, but it was thick, chocolatey and delicious. Everything I hoped for in a warming after-dinner ale. Adri had the cocktail of the week – a Hot Toddy = brandy, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, hot water. It was so tasty and warming we made some at home over the weekend!

Can strongly recommend the 3 weeds. It’s fantastic.
Can also strongly recommend 3.5 years of marriage!

(Speaking of hot drinks and ciders – where do you reckon you can you get a hot cider in Sydney?)



5 responses

16 06 2009

Wow, 3.5 years have certainly gone by quickly!! Congrats you guys!! Such an attractive couple.

We went to 3 Weeds a couple of years ago for a Bible study social. When the food had mostly arrived, we all sat down to pray, heads bowed over our meals, and then a waitress comes up mid prayer and asks us if there was a problem with our meal. We all chuckled, explained and then got back to praying before enjoying our tasty tasty meals.

16 06 2009

Congratulations! Keep on keeping on you two.

16 06 2009
Ben McLaughlin

congrats for 3.5!

We used to live just down the street from the 3 weeds. Nice place. Once I played in a band and we had a gig there. E locked my guitar in the car with the keys, and so i had to do the gig sans-guitar. A stressful memory that taints my good feelings of the venue!

16 06 2009

last nights flight of the conchords had them doing gigs sans guitars. did you hum the notes of just play air guitar?

17 06 2009
Ben McLaughlin

🙂 i was the singer too, so I just sang. Usually I played rythm guitar.

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