22 08 2009

Plenty of espresso to be had in Italy. Both the hotels we’ve stayed at have had a pretty sweet machine and grinder setup.
I’ve noticed that the shots are usually great. Strong dark roast and very golden brown crema. But they don’t seem as concerned with the milk. Lots of bubbles on occasions, even too hot once. Definitely no latte art!
The best coffee we had was in a street cafe, mainly filled with locals. Mostly been having cappuccino and macchiato.
Will try to get some photos.

Italy is tiring

22 08 2009

Been having an awesome time on holidays so far. We’ve spent 3 nights in Rome and we arrived today in Florence.
So much to see in Rome and we got around most places by foot, so it is pretty exhausting. It’s also been 36-40 degrees each day as Italy swelters in a heat wave. Very draining.
Unfortunately, I’ve come down sick. Blocked sinus, sore throat, cough. Hope it goes away soon.

Catch you on the flip side…

16 08 2009

About to crawl into bed for an early night. We have a 4:15 wake up tomorrow morning to get to the airport in time for out 7:30 flight.

Super excited! Will try to keep you updated via free wifi while we are gone.


Romans and Zechariah

16 08 2009

Last day of church today for a little while. I don’t know how I will go for 5 weeks without church and bible study. Never really tried before!

At bible study this morning, we looked at chapter 2 of Romans. I am looking forward to reading some more of it in Rome!

Something that struck me from Geoff Shead preaching on Zechariah this morning… Zech prophesied that in the Day of the Lord, God would pour out a spirit of contrition on his people. Contrition – Why is that a good thing? Because we are stuffed before God and we need his forgiveness. But before that, we need repentance. We need to come before God with a broken and contrite heart. Even for that bit, we need his help.

Last day of work

14 08 2009

Today is my last day in the office for 5 weeks. I’ve gotta say – that feels pretty sweet!

Adri and I are off to Europe for a loooong holiday. We have been planning this for ages and are really excited.

For those interested, itinerary looks something like this:

Rome, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Venice, the Veneto, Prague, Paris, London and Hong Kong on the way home.

Parts of the trip will be visiting or meeting up with family, but for most of it it will be just Adri and I.

Only 2 and a bit hours of work to go! 🙂

Mo day

13 08 2009

It was my boss’s 60th birthday yesterday, so to celebrate, we all donned fake mos (because he has a distinctive tache).
I managed to find 120 fake mos on eBay for less than 50 bucks ($43.37). Bargain!

Brushes with fame

9 08 2009

Adri saw Cate Blanchett in the fruit shop today.

Full trolley, 3 boys hanging off her, sunglasses on inside the shopping centre.

Not even too famous to duck in to the $2 shop!