Sunday Roast

9 08 2009

Well as you know, EVERY Sunday I post about my weekly coffee experiences.

Well a lot has happened since the last Sunday. This week in particular has bean a cracker on the coffee front.

To begin with, I have been drinking the Bahitalia blend as roasted by threebeansroasters this week. It has been superb.

Then on Friday morning, a whirlwind weekend of good coffee and good times began.

We flew down to Melbourne for a friends wedding on Friday afternoon. On the way to the airport we snuck in to Allpress Espresso in Rosebery for a cheeky latte. Once in Melbourne, it was straight to the hotel and a quick shower before crossing the road to the wedding venue – Ormond Hall, attached to the Belgian Beer Cafe. Needless to say the beers were some of the finest I have seen served at a wedding: Leffe, Hoegarden, Bellevue.

After partying til the wee hours of the morning, there was no better way to wake up on Saturday than to scrambled eggs and kevin bacon at St Ali’s coffee roasters. This was our second visit and the food and coffee certainly lived up to expectations. My 2 lattes were exceptional and indifferentiable. I didn’t ask for a clover or a syphon as it looked like the baristi were flat chat. We had to wait 10 minutes for a table.

Saturday afternoon, after lugging our luggage around the CBD, we squeezed into Brother Baba Budan. Despite having an interstate reputation, this place is still tiny and quaint. The 2 baristi behind the Synesso worked like a well-oiled machine and served up another latte (sooo much milk today!) that saw me through the afternoon. Love the chairs hanging from the ceiling. The could stand to upgrade the dunny…

I heart Melbourne.

Adri at St Ali

Adri at St Ali




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