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16 10 2009

I like to use my iPhone on the bus to work to surf the internet. I look at blogs, email, facebook and the odd news website.

Some websites, even some blogs, have mobile phone versions so that the content is a little better suited to your tiny mobile screen. But my experience of mobile sites has been pretty ordinary. The mobile version of is terrible. It looks like it only picks up the most popular stories, which are often pretty ordinary.

Does anyone know of some good websites, news or otherwise, that have good mobile versions?



3 responses

16 10 2009
Manny C

you can customise

i generally use google reader mobile version and go into the settings and ensure it uses text only versions of site the reader links to.

also if you are having problems with google reader mobile not clicking into specify blogs, and giving and “oops, an error has occurred…”, use https:// rather than http://. See here for more details:

17 10 2009

thanks dude!
don’t usually use reader – I probably should
don’t look at very often but the iphone version looks pretty good.

3 12 2009
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