What the?

17 10 2009

Super-fantastic-happy prize for whoever can guess what the girl in the pink top is doing…

Also a prize for the most creative wrong answer.




13 responses

17 10 2009


17 10 2009
Dave K

She’s either doing very bad mime (in a box type of deal)
there is something weird behind her and the guy on the left is taking one of those foreground/background type photos

I am allowed two entries??

18 10 2009

Having her photo taken, with the shot showing her holding something that she’s totally not, like the sun or something….

19 10 2009

Manny – No – where did you get that idea? hehe
Dave – I like your first one! It does look like a really bad mime. But no. Second one is on the money. But what?
Chong – same for you. Not the sun.

20 10 2009
Ben McLaughlin

Dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce?

21 10 2009

Ben, my wife says thanks for getting that song stuck in my, and consequently her, head.
You get the prize for the most creative wrong answer…. When you send me that quiz $30 to buy my six-pack of Coopers Vintage, your name is on one of them.

21 10 2009
Ben McLaughlin

I’ma let you finish Guthers, but yo, that was the best wrong answer ever, period.

If you like it then you shoulda putta ring onnit
If you like it then you shoulda putta ring onnit!

21 10 2009

uh uh oh…

22 10 2009
Dave K

I think she is holding something up – can we get a location clue??

22 10 2009
Dave K

Is it the leaning tower of Pisa??

22 10 2009

Bang on dave! You win the mystery prize…..

…which is a game of golf with me out at castle hill! (Wow! Perfect for you – it’s almost like I only thought it up just now isn’t it?)

We should set up a game… how is your december looking? can we arrange a monday?

22 10 2009
Dave K

WOW! A winner and what a prize! I’m guessing that was the prize all along 🙂

Monday’s in December have started to look surprisingly free ……

3 11 2009

New Hillsong church plant…

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