Passions of a 50 year old man – Number 1

27 05 2009

I am a wee bit concerned that I might be ageing beyond my years.

I’m 25. Still young right? But I find myself increasingly engaging in activities that, once upon a time, I would have attributed to boring old people.

As my first example, shameful though it is to admit – I am a huge fan of ABC local radio.

Every morning, my alarm is set to wake me up to Adam Spencer (he’s still young and hip right?). And in the car, as long as I am driving, the station is 702 ABC.

Adri’s not a fan. She would rather be listening to something else. But I honestly can’t find a radio station that I consistently prefer. It used to be Nova, but now I find that boring and, more often than not, offensive. Occasionally, I will switch to Triple J, but I just can’t keep up with what the young people are listening to these days.

Perhaps the worst part of it is between 7-8pm weeknights. I LOVE listening to, and playing along with, “Norman” the quiz with Andrew Daddo. The 25 question quiz played by unusual people with not much better to do of a weeknight.

Don’t look at me like that! I know I have issues, but at least I’m man enough to admit them!

Should I be concerned? Am I too far along the road to senior citizenship? Am I alone? Or do others share in my love for the ABC?