31 01 2009

Having passed General Insurance B last semester, I am now onto my last actuarial subject. (woohoo!)

This one is a killer though. Commercial Actuarial Practice (CAP).

At the end of March I will move in to Macquarie University (MGSM) for a week long residential course focussing on how to solve commercial problems from an actuarial point of view. The final day of the course is an intensive 8-hour case study exam where we will be given an issue and some data and will have to do some analysis and prepare a report.

Then, later in April (or May? can’t remember) I will sit another two hour exam focussed on solving problems in non-traditional actuarial areas such as health and ageing or the environment.

Seems like a long road ahead, and I’m a bit slow to get started. But hopefully, this could be the last actuarial course I have to sit. Yay!



22 05 2008

When Turns and I were at uni together studying for our actuarial degrees, we teamed up with Dave and Moses (not ‘the’ Moses) to start an Actuarial Bible Study Group, or ABS.

They were good times. We met up once a week (roughly) and read the bible together. We even studied a Matthias study, “Cash Values”, for a while in preparation for hitting the workforce.

I’ve mentioned before (see reproduced post below) that I think Actuaries possibly have a natural disposition to become Christians.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that the ABS has continued into my working life! We have a group of actuaries here at work who meet up very irregularly to read the bible together. We have about 4 core members and a few others. Yesterday we even had 2 new faces! Praise God!

We have been working our way through Hebrews looking at how Jesus is the reality that the old covenant foreshadowed. It’s been fabulous!