Great News!

14 05 2008

Well, that might be overstating it a little bit. Sorry if you saw that in your RSS feed and got excited.

But… the Botticelli is fixed!

It was just a simple circuit breaker switch that needed to be reset. I pushed it so hard on Saturday afternoon that it overheated and the safety switch cut the power.

Luckily Jason, my espresso machine dude and coffee roaster, didn’t take me for a sucker and take all my money, but informed me of the quick fix.

It was back in action this morning.

Shot shots

13 05 2008

Sam and I had a great day on Saturday making espresso all afternoon. We pulled some fantastic shots and experimented a bit with the latte art.

Check out my heart below and Sam’s rosetta. More photo’s over at Sam and Soph’s blog.

Sadly, our Botticelli didn’t hold up so well with the extended workout. towards the end of the afternoon, she stopped heating up. It was fine for making steam, but for some reason didn’t want to get to the right temperature to pull a shot.

Very sad 😦

At least we have 3 litres of iced coffee to keep us going until I can get it serviced! Sam and I bottled all the good coffees we made.

Espresso Extravaganza

9 05 2008

I’m excited!

Tomorrow, Sam and I are going to spend the afternoon extracting espresso, steaming milk and pouring latte art at his place.

Usually I make 2 coffees at a time. If we have people over, I might make up to 6 or 7. Tomorrow we are planning on making dozens! It will be great to get some practice in as my art has been very poor (pour?) of late.

If all goes well, I will post some photos.

And as an added bonus, imagine how much reading I will get done without the need for sleep for the next few days!

Single Origin

26 03 2008

latte-art.jpgAdri and I went to Single Origin Roasters in Surry Hills for breakfast this morning.

It was lovely. I had a peach, white choc and coconut muffin and we had a flat white each. A bit disappointing that they didn’t understand what I meant by a ‘ristretto’ flat white and asked us to “next time, just order a weak one”. But I could be being a bit picky there. Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks for the coffee Sam & Dave…

12 03 2008

…’twas a pleasure to catch up.

I had one of the Campo’s Sparkling Long Black and it was quite an experience.

Went straight through me though. I’ve needed to wee all the way home.