Great line…

7 05 2008

From a book I just finished reading…

“She felt terribly sorry for people who suffered from constipation, and she knew that there were many who did. There were probably enough of them to form a political party – with a chance of government perhaps – but what would such a party do if it was in power? Nothing, she imagined. It would try to pass legislation, but it would fail.”

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Alexander McCall Smith

Cracked Pepper Crackers

8 04 2008

You’ll have to forgive me some self indulgent ranting.

What’s the story with cracked pepper water crackers?!?

Why do they take a perfectly tasty (although unusually named) item like the water cracker and ruin it by adding cracked pepper??!?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pepper. I have an admiration for the pepper mill and how it is so sanctified that as a restaurant diner you are not allowed to touch it. But I think pepper has no place in a water cracker.

Surely, the beauty of the cracker is its inobtrusiveness? If I am enjoying some nice cheese or, better still, some chunky basil and cashew dip, then why would I want my tastebuds affronted by an alien flavour? The cracker should be a simple tool for dip transportation and palate cleansing. Don’t try to dress it up and make it something it’s not.

Pepper has it’s place, but it ‘ain’t in my cracker.

Your thoughts? Are you for the cracked pepper cracker or against it?

(Shout out to Naomi and Hamish for this post)