Don’s Words

2 04 2009

Some gold from Don the other day. Cadre. The select, core group of an organisation.


Word of the Week

3 10 2008

Paul holds that some Jews who call themselves Christians and who insist that Gentile Christians become Jews are simply unwilling to face the opprobriumthey will have to suffer from some fellow Jews if their closest “brothers” and “sisters” are unkosher Gentiles.

Don Carson, For the Love of God. September 30 devotion on Galtians 6.

Opprobrium – Public disgrace or ill-fame that follows from conduct considered grossly wrong or vicious.


Word of the Week

25 09 2008


Courtesy of Bruiser at bible study last night.

In reference to the writings of Don Carson.

Meant in a positive sense…

Engage: Words

4 09 2008

I was expecting big things and big words from Don Carson at Engage. I only got a handful.

He has a way of using the word in a context that makes you understand what it means, even if you have hardly heard it used before!

He gave us:

But Mark Driscoll, not wishing to be outdone, gave us: Proclivities.

Gold! Did I miss anything?

Engage08: Highlights

31 08 2008

What a fabulous weekend!

We had a great time with our brothers and sisters in Christ being challenged and encouraged from God’s word by two dynamic and engaging speakers.

Highlights were:

  • Being reminded by Driscoll of the REGENERATING work of the Holy Spirit in every Christians heart
  • Being challenged by the Don to not be another generation of LEGALISTS
  • Bitburger Lemon (aka BItburger brau) a beer that tastes probably a little like Skittlebrau

Will post more later.

What were your highlights of Engage08?


25 03 2008

I am currently reading three books:


1. For the Love of God by DA Carson – I’ve mentioned this one already. Adri and I are doing the daily devotional readings. ‘Tis tops.

2. World Without End by Ken Follett – This is the sequel to the novel ‘Pillars of the Earth’. I really enjoyed Pillars, and so far I am really enjoying this. I think I like the historic context and the various characters story-lines that are interwoven. I also like how the story extends over many years. Although I sometimes feel like he dwells on one time period for too long and doesn’t give enough weight to others. Has anyone else read either of these? Would love to hear your thoughts.

3. Actuarial Practice in General Insurance 7th Edition by Hart, Buchanan & Howe – Boring as anything, but it must be done. Actually some of it is not too bad. I have to read 10 chapters of this tomorrow, and make summaries.

More Google searches.

19 03 2008

2. guthers blog

3. blog sur google (more french – love it!)

4. d.a carson

Whoever was looking for Don Carson and wound up with me must be sorely, sorely disappointed.

Some vocabulary gold from D. A. Carson

8 03 2008



One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner.

Don dropped this one in the first paragraph of our FTLOG reading the other day. Gold!