The Thief is back

3 06 2009

James Squire has released it’s 2009 Hop Thief.

Tony Jones, Chief Brewer reveals: “The hops we are using to create the latest version of Hop Thief are a combination of the well established Australian variety Pride of Ringwood, which is known primarily as a bittering hop, and the locally-bred aroma variety known as Southern Hallertau.
“We have used hop flowers secured fresh from the 2009 Tasmanian harvest rather than using the commonly available pellet form and add them late in the fermentation process so we capture the floral flavours otherwise lost during boiling.”

Yum! I picked up a case from Vintage Cellars last night and I am very excited about trying it.

Also saw this yesterday. Never had the Vintage Imperial Stout, but would be very keen if I can get my hands on some.

Very glad to see more breweries doing the limited release thing. Moving away from bland, mass-produced beers and towards specialised craft beers is a good thing.