Sunday Roast – Coffee News

21 06 2009

Not much to say about coffee this weekend. Have been drinking it. Have been enjoying it. Threebeansroasters did their biggest ever roast last week – woohoo!

Here are the top 5 stories I got when I googled “coffee” on the google news website.

1. Starbucks fan travels the globe in a quest to visit every outlet

2. Starbucks will refresh coffee containers every 24mins in a bid to enmphasise freshness

3. Angola will harvest 12,000 tonnes of coffee in 2009 compared to only 5,000 in 2008

4. J.M. Smucker Co. fourth quarter earnings more than doubled this year. The growth of the company’s coffee segment hints that consumers could be making a frugal switch from buying their daily cup of java at leading stores to brewing a pick-me-up at home.

5. India’s coffee output will increase 17% to a new record this year as summer rains over the growing region boosted crop prospects.

Awesome…. Starbucks, instant and a market flooded with cheap coffee.