Sunday Roast – Grind Espresso

12 04 2009

As a part of the bucks party yesterday, before we headed off to paintball WAY down at Helensburgh, we all met up at Grind Espresso Bar at Surf Road, Cronulla. It’s a cafe I had heard a lot about, I even have a mate who works behind the machine there on a Sunday morning, but I have just never made it down. (Try to avoid the “Shire” when I can! 🙂 )

It was an early start. My brother Tim and I arrived at 5:55am and there were already a couple of people inside getting their morning caffeine hit. By the time the dozen or so others who were attending the bucks party turned up, the little place was overflowing with people.

It’s a cosy little spot. Church-style pews along the wall and other basic seats gathered around little tables. The twin double-group espresso machines are the centre of the establishment though. I was reliably informed that the guy pulling my shot had been a barista for over 10 years.

The sign above the counter said that the bean of the day was an El Salvador. I didn’t pay enough attention to see if there was a House blend offered. My takeaway latte had a strong flavour that I could tie back to the threebeans El Salvador. It was perfect temperature and the milk was done well. Would have loved to have stuck around for a drink-in latte, but paintball was calling!

People tell me that there are queues out the door every weekend and my barista tells me they average about 18kg (!!) of coffee in between 6am and 1pm on a Sunday. I can see why Grind is so popular down in the Shire. It is a good name. “Grind”. Goes well in a sentence (Do you wanna meet at Grind?) and shows they know that grind is crucial to making espresso. It’s only a hundred metres or so from the beach and it’s very trendy without being uninviting to the dags among us.

Most importantly, they make good, consistent espresso.

Very keen to go back there and give it another try. Just as soon as I can bring myself to venture back into the Shire. 😉

Sunday Roast – hangin with the Turners and the Lovells

29 03 2009

Had a lovely afternoon with Matt and Thea and Jaime and Anu today. Straight from church to the Woolwich pier hotel for beers and late lunch.

Then back to our place for 6 x vanilla choc chip affogato with threebeans Ethiopian Harar. Delightful!

Adri and I are now settling in for the night with a delayed earth hour. We missed it last night so it is dinner and reading by candlelight tonight.

Sunday Roast

22 03 2009

It was amateur hour at the three beans roasting session this week. No disasters with the coffee – that all come out spectacular as usual – but we weren’t the well-oiled machine we have been in the past.

It was a bit early to crack it open (only 3 days post-roast), but I couldn’t resist starting on the Brazil Daterra today. Macchiato + Choc-Chip Hot cross bun. Yum!!

As an aside, how much better is a choc-chip HXB than a regular HXB?!? This year, Bakers Delight have experimented with a Mocha flavoured HXB. Probably even more yucky than the ones Coles makes with citrus peel. Goo!

I am going to be desperately without coffee (and buns) for the next five days. I am off on my Commercial Actuarial Practice Course for some HAIKU followed by a 8 hour case study exam on Friday. I am living on campus, so tragically I have to say goodbye to my wife and my cat. 😦

See you all next Saturday. Until then, please feel free to keep my blog ticking over by suggesting new flavours of HXB for Bakers Delight.

Hot Cross Buns on wiki. CAP Course.

Sunday Roast – How do you take your coffee?

15 03 2009

How do you take for coffee?


Morning – Flat White for Me. Latte for Adri.

Afternoon – If I’m feeling sleepy – take away latte from Tower 3 cafe. Best espresso within 5mins of PwC.

Evening – Short black if I’m feeling adventerous, otherwise an affogato.

Contemplating a vanilla choc-chip affogato this evening! Yum!

Did you know affogato is Italian for ‘choked’ according to Wikipedia? Any idea why it got that name?

Pic from here.

Sunday Roast – Aerobie

8 03 2009

Last night, we had Matt and Thea over for some Thai takeaway and a catch up. Good times.

Matt also brought over his new toy – an Aerobie  Aeropress.

Has anyone tried one of these before? Interesting concept. The air pressure from the rubber sealed plunger is supposed to push the water through the coffee evenly and at a consistent pressure. It uses filter paper, so you can grind the beans espresso-fine. It gives a more intense flavour than a plunger coffee, probably because of the pressured “extraction” but not as intense as an espresso. Although on our last double shot we managed to get a bubbly sort of crema on top.

Had it with some steamed milk in a latte – also not bad. But thats where you can really tell that it lacks the punch of an espresso.

I reckon it would be ideal long black for some types of bean. Easy to use, easy to clean and a bit of good fun.

Thanks for a lovely evening Turners!

Sunday Roast – The Little Marionette

1 03 2009

Today I should be roasting up a storm with the boys. But unfortunately I am stuck at home with the aforementioned assignment 😦

I did however manage to sneak out this morning before church to Balmain to pick up some breakkie at The Little Marionette. If you haven’t been before – you should go.

It’s a tiny cafe carved out of the wall opposite Gladstone Park and next to Balmain hospital. It makes the most of the park by offering free rugs to sit on. We don’t usually stick around though, just pick up and go. There is almost always a line out the front.

The espresso is well made and I think they have their own bean – not too sure about that one. The owner is friendly and keen for a chat and this morning he was sporting one of the most impressive moustaches I have ever seen.

The highlight for us though, is the banana bread with passionfruit butter! Whoever thought of bringing butter and passionfruit together = Genius! It was a little pricey this morning at 1 slice for $5, but I was happy to part with my hard earned for it.

Check it out if you get a chance.

Sunday Roast

22 02 2009

Again, It’s all about the title. This post is intended to be all about coffee: roasting, extracing, drinking, sharing.

Last Friday, Matt, Sam and I did our second mass roast as threebeanroasters.

I came away with 500g of El Salvader Santa Teresa and 500g of the second threebeans blend which contained a little Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and some other ‘secret’ beans (‘Secret’ in that I can’t remember them at the moment!

Have tried them both and really enjoyed them. It was a few days ago, but I remember the El Salvador having a really nice smokiness in my mouth. I’m drinking the blend now and I think I overextracted it just a little bit. But it is still deliciously smooth in a latte.

I also got my first sample of our first blend which I plan on cupping shortly. I’ve only ever cupped once so it will be interesting to see what I can come up with.

Need beans? Click here.

[Photo from flickr here]