Race to Work

3 06 2009

Ok – quick quiz.

Who would win a race, from Drummoyne to my office in the city, between someone in a bus and a man on foot?

Easy right? Even in the most heinous rainy, Sydney, Victoria Rd traffic (like that seen this morning) a bus surely has all the advantages.

Well, we put that one to the test this morning. After 40mins of crawling from Gladesville to the Iron Cove bridge, I left Adri on the bus and started walking. I kind of intended to jump back on a bus once the traffic started moving, but it never did.

I walked all the way down Victoria Rd, over the Anzac bridge, through Pyrmont and onto the Pyrmont Bridge. Here my progress was stalled because the bridge was opened to let a tugboat push the Darling Harbour floating stage into the bay. I rang Adri to find that she was just about to get off the busout the front of my building a few hundred metres away. If I had made it to the bridge before it opened, I would have been able to meet Adri as she got off the bus!

I ♥ Victoria Rd.