West Ryde Woolies

5 06 2009

Just felt compelled to tell the world that West Ryde Woolies has THE BEST selection of ice-cream I have come across.

At least half an aisle devoted to tubs and individual cones or sticks.

Far superior to Gladesville Coles.

(How good is Goody Goody Gum Drops?)


2 06 2009

Is there anything as tasty than beer can chicken?

I can only assume that these things would make it even tastier!

Available here. Tim, I’m looking at you!

h/t Nathan.

Four In Hand

17 10 2008

Went to Four In Hand restaurant for dinner last night to celebrate my brothers birthday.

For entree, I had a Pigs Ear Schnitzel! As unusual as that concept sounds – it was absolutely delicious. As was the barramundi for main.

Dessert was probably the highlight though. Macerated strawberries, basil sorbet and yoghurt granita. Yum!