7 02 2010

So since we last spoke…

I passed my Commercial Actuarial Practice exam, the big eight-hour monster. Now I am qualified to become a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries Australia, which will happen on 23 February after a two-day Professionalism Course.


Having got the actuarial qualification out of the way, I have decided to pursue some further study.For the next 2 years I will be working part-time (3 days a week) and studying part-time at Moore Thoelogical College while I complete a Diploma of Bible and Missions.

Work has been very supportive of me doing this, which makes things easier, and I am very excited about getting stuck into God’s Word!

I have already started. I’m one week into the intensive Greek course and I am parsing and declining up a storm!


22 10 2009

Is this all I ever blog about?

My big exam is tomorrow, from 9am to 5pm.

Currently thinking about “business contextualisation” and “knowing the answer before you do the analysis”…

Really hoping and praying that this is the last exam!


17 10 2009

Funny that a post about procrastination can be procrastination in itself…

I am on study leave from work at the moment and with all the extra time on my hands, I have managed to:

  • Clean and re-organise the kitchen cupboards
  • Clean the manky grease out of the rangehood
  • Plant basil and tomatoes
  • Clean the balcony
  • Hang a picture on the wall
  • Pay all outstanding bills and complete about 3 months worth of filing and general organising
  • Look into mine and Adri’s superannuation and
  • Buy two presents for people (Dad and Tim)

Now, I should really do some study. It’s not that I haven’t done any yet, but it’s amazing how much more appealing household chores become when study is the alternative.

Time to hit some past case studies.

I failed…

24 06 2009

Unfortunately, I failed the 8-hour case study component of my exam.

I passed the 2-hour exam, but that was the easy part.

Will have to have another go next semester.


Thursday Thought – exam results

18 06 2009

I think I am freaking out about exam results day next Wednesday.
I am waiting to hear back about the Commercial Actuarial Practise course (the one with the 8 hour exam).
If I pass; relief, happiness, certainty, no more actuarial exams.
If I fail: uncertainty, stress, at least 6 more months of study.
Would appreciate your prayers if you can spare em.

Exam tomorrow

5 05 2009

My final Commercial Actuarial Practice exam is tomorrow.

With any sort of luck this will be my last actuarial exam…


That would be sweet!

Would appreciate some prayer if you are so inclined.

Thursday Thought – Exam

26 03 2009

I think this big exam tomorrow is going to be tough.
I think 8 hours of report writing is heinous.
I think I would appreciate your prayers!

Sunday Roast

22 03 2009

It was amateur hour at the three beans roasting session this week. No disasters with the coffee – that all come out spectacular as usual – but we weren’t the well-oiled machine we have been in the past.

It was a bit early to crack it open (only 3 days post-roast), but I couldn’t resist starting on the Brazil Daterra today. Macchiato + Choc-Chip Hot cross bun. Yum!!

As an aside, how much better is a choc-chip HXB than a regular HXB?!? This year, Bakers Delight have experimented with a Mocha flavoured HXB. Probably even more yucky than the ones Coles makes with citrus peel. Goo!

I am going to be desperately without coffee (and buns) for the next five days. I am off on my Commercial Actuarial Practice Course for some HAIKU followed by a 8 hour case study exam on Friday. I am living on campus, so tragically I have to say goodbye to my wife and my cat. 😦

See you all next Saturday. Until then, please feel free to keep my blog ticking over by suggesting new flavours of HXB for Bakers Delight.

Hot Cross Buns on wiki. CAP Course.


1 03 2009

It was suggested that I do a weekly haiku. I dunno if I can commit to weekly and I don’t think I could produce much in the way of traditional haiku.

So I propose H.A.I.K.U. Harnessing Actuarial Insight Knowledge and Understanding.

Certainly not intended to be a weekly post, but it will get some things off my actuarial chest occasionally.

Today I am immersed in an assignment for my final actuarial subject, Commercial Actuarial Practice. I have been given an “Environment” case study where a theoretical paper manufacturer has decided to develop a timber plantation. My job is to advise them of the financial impacts of climate change on this plantation.

It’s really interesting reading up on climate change and Emissions Trading Schemes and modelling growth of trees and things like that… but it’s due in about 28 hours… I have 4000 words to write… and I’m over it!

The whole idea of this course is teaching actuaries to be better communicators. So I am getting stuck into the report now, even though I haven’t finished all the techy stuff, because I don’t think I will be a very good communicator at 1am in the morning!


31 01 2009

Having passed General Insurance B last semester, I am now onto my last actuarial subject. (woohoo!)

This one is a killer though. Commercial Actuarial Practice (CAP).

At the end of March I will move in to Macquarie University (MGSM) for a week long residential course focussing on how to solve commercial problems from an actuarial point of view. The final day of the course is an intensive 8-hour case study exam where we will be given an issue and some data and will have to do some analysis and prepare a report.

Then, later in April (or May? can’t remember) I will sit another two hour exam focussed on solving problems in non-traditional actuarial areas such as health and ageing or the environment.

Seems like a long road ahead, and I’m a bit slow to get started. But hopefully, this could be the last actuarial course I have to sit. Yay!