Sunday Roast – Tiger Mottle

19 04 2009

Apparently, “tiger mottle” is a description of the striped and flecked pattern you get on top of a well extracted espresso shot. That was new to me. It’s also the name of a trendy cafe in Glenmore Rd Paddington.

Adri and I ventured out in the wet this morning to mix with the uber-trendy young professional crowd at this cosy cafe. It was recommended by a friend at work and we weren’t disappointed.

As we went in, out of the rain, I was stoked (ha!) to find an open fireplace. I don’t know if this is going all the time, but this morning, it was perfect. It was a trendy fitout. Mostly plain white, but still cosy. Loved the wood cut-out model of the deers head above the fireplace.

We had our standard twin lattes whilst Adri had the banana bread with maple yoghurt and I had the fancy pants egg and bacon roll. Dunno about the bean, but Adri thought it tasted like Campos blend. It was pretty tasty and well made. Nice head on the latte with a fairly shaky rosetta.

Even managed to flick through the April edition of Bean Scene, which was a great read.

Highly recommend making a visit if you get the chance.



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25 04 2020
rút gọn link

rút gọn link

Sunday Roast – Tiger Mottle | le blog de guthers

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