Reviving the blog for 2011?

13 02 2011

How long will this last?

So much to say, so little time

21 02 2010

I haven’t been to work for 3 weeks, but I have never been so busy.

It’s late and I want to go to bed – but to summarise:

  • Finished Greek intensive weeks – now real College starts – hope I can hack it!
  • Part-time work kicks off this week – yikes!
  • Feeling sick 😦
  • Institute of Actuaries professionalism Course tomorrow and Tuesday, after which I get my official piece of paper to prove my qualifications.
  • New macbook – still learning how to drive it – woohoo!
  • Sick wife

Hope all is well in the blogosphere

Weekend Away

12 02 2010

We have started at a new church this year – Drummoyne Presbyterian. It’s a lot closer to home and a different to what we are used to. You are very much looking forward to serving there in whichever way God wishes to use us.

I’ve never really started at a “new” church before. I had been going to Carlo my whole life. I’m not used to being such a new face at church.

This weekend is the mother of all opportunities to make new friends though. We are heading off tonight on the churches annual weekend away.  No doubt it will be a great opportunity to meet some people and make some new friends. I’m excited and scared all at the same time.

Have a cracking weekend.


7 02 2010

So since we last spoke…

I passed my Commercial Actuarial Practice exam, the big eight-hour monster. Now I am qualified to become a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries Australia, which will happen on 23 February after a two-day Professionalism Course.


Having got the actuarial qualification out of the way, I have decided to pursue some further study.For the next 2 years I will be working part-time (3 days a week) and studying part-time at Moore Thoelogical College while I complete a Diploma of Bible and Missions.

Work has been very supportive of me doing this, which makes things easier, and I am very excited about getting stuck into God’s Word!

I have already started. I’m one week into the intensive Greek course and I am parsing and declining up a storm!

Welcome back

5 02 2010

So…. how have you been?

I’m back, in some capacity, in the blogosphere.

Good to see you again


22 10 2009

Is this all I ever blog about?

My big exam is tomorrow, from 9am to 5pm.

Currently thinking about “business contextualisation” and “knowing the answer before you do the analysis”…

Really hoping and praying that this is the last exam!

What the?

17 10 2009

Super-fantastic-happy prize for whoever can guess what the girl in the pink top is doing…

Also a prize for the most creative wrong answer.



17 10 2009

Funny that a post about procrastination can be procrastination in itself…

I am on study leave from work at the moment and with all the extra time on my hands, I have managed to:

  • Clean and re-organise the kitchen cupboards
  • Clean the manky grease out of the rangehood
  • Plant basil and tomatoes
  • Clean the balcony
  • Hang a picture on the wall
  • Pay all outstanding bills and complete about 3 months worth of filing and general organising
  • Look into mine and Adri’s superannuation and
  • Buy two presents for people (Dad and Tim)

Now, I should really do some study. It’s not that I haven’t done any yet, but it’s amazing how much more appealing household chores become when study is the alternative.

Time to hit some past case studies.

Mobile sites

16 10 2009

I like to use my iPhone on the bus to work to surf the internet. I look at blogs, email, facebook and the odd news website.

Some websites, even some blogs, have mobile phone versions so that the content is a little better suited to your tiny mobile screen. But my experience of mobile sites has been pretty ordinary. The mobile version of is terrible. It looks like it only picks up the most popular stories, which are often pretty ordinary.

Does anyone know of some good websites, news or otherwise, that have good mobile versions?

Doing what you think is right won’t make you popular

11 10 2009

Exhibit A – Harry Connick Jr cancels shopping centre appearance because of concerns for safety.
Exhibit B – Catholic chemist “outrageous” for not selling pill

But who wants to be popular anyway?

I want to be a God-pleaser rather than a people-pleaser.