Studying – last minute

19 04 2008

There are 11 days to go until my exam.

As far as I am concerned, a large chunk of my knowledge for the exam will be gained in the next 11 days. I have already built a foundation of the course notes and the readings, but I will spend the next 11 days learning the vital things that are the difference between a pass and a fail. Things like: what sort of questions to expect, what details they are looking for in specific questions, tricks they use every year to try to trip you up and topics that I hadn’t considered yet, but are there in every paper.

I will spend most of my study time from here on in doing past papers, marking them and jotting down points where there were gaps in my knowledge previously. About next Monday I will get stressed out that I don’t really know anything at all and I will probably stay up all night Tuesday cramming.

Do you like my approach? I am actually more prepared than I usually am!

How do you tackle an exam? Any hot tips for making sure I do all I can?