QLD 28 – NSW 18

4 06 2009

There were 6 match officials in last nights game. Six! Two on-field referees, two touch judges and two video refs.

I don’t think you could find 6 other people in the rest of the country* who think that Hayne try should have been disallowed.

(*Excluding Queensland)

Greatest Sporting nation on Earth

13 08 2008


But then, I am biased…

Australia have been fourth on the overall medal tally at the last 2 Olympics, behind USA, China and Russia. But we don’t have anywhere near the population of these countries.

We are currently sitting 5th in Beijing.

According to the smh.com.au All Time Medal tally, we are 11th. But we weren’t even a nation at the first 2 modern Olympics! (1896 and 1900)

I’d say its definitive. Per capita, we rock!