Don’s Words

2 04 2009

Some gold from Don the other day. Cadre. The select, core group of an organisation.


Word of the Week

3 10 2008

Paul holds that some Jews who call themselves Christians and who insist that Gentile Christians become Jews are simply unwilling to face the opprobriumthey will have to suffer from some fellow Jews if their closest “brothers” and “sisters” are unkosher Gentiles.

Don Carson, For the Love of God. September 30 devotion on Galtians 6.

Opprobrium – Public disgrace or ill-fame that follows from conduct considered grossly wrong or vicious.


Word of the Week

25 09 2008


Courtesy of Bruiser at bible study last night.

In reference to the writings of Don Carson.

Meant in a positive sense…

Engage: Words

4 09 2008

I was expecting big things and big words from Don Carson at Engage. I only got a handful.

He has a way of using the word in a context that makes you understand what it means, even if you have hardly heard it used before!

He gave us:

But Mark Driscoll, not wishing to be outdone, gave us: Proclivities.

Gold! Did I miss anything?

I think…

10 04 2008

…that Bruiser is just playing games with me now. How can there be one new word every single week?

This week, it was calumny.

As in:

The early apostles had to face the calumny of the jews.

1 million respect points to you if you can use this in a sentence today.

More gold

3 04 2008

Bruiser again. This time, inveterate.

As in:

“Most people are inveterately opposed to the Christian faith. ”



28 03 2008

Our bible study leader was stretching his vocabulary on Wednesday night.

He came up with  germane and dragoon.


Some vocabulary gold from D. A. Carson

8 03 2008



One that indicates or foreshadows what is to come; a forerunner.

Don dropped this one in the first paragraph of our FTLOG reading the other day. Gold!