Official Time

12 08 2008


Almost 2 mins slower than last year.

Maybe I am beginning the slow descent from ‘peak physical condition’ to ‘powerless old man’?

City2Surf Tomorrow

9 08 2008

Can’t remember the last time I ran 14km? Oh yeah…it was about 12 months ago.

Why do I sign up for this and not train?

Is anyone else doing it?


2 07 2008

I’ve taken up cycling… sort of.

Ever sinced we moved to our new place I was sure we were close enough to ride into the city for work.

Today I finally did it! On a borrowed bike from Stu Lobb.

It wasn’t too bad. It took me about 40mins, I’ve had a shower downstairs and I’m about to enjoy some Weet-Bix at my desk.

I’m more nervous about the ride home. Will have to leave nice and early to catch the last of the sunlight.


14 04 2008

I’m having one of those “let’s try to get fit” moments.

I went for a run on Saturday and another on Sunday. I have one scheduled in for when I get home tonight and another at lunchtime tomorrow.

The plan is to try and do a run everyday. Adri is on board as well.

My running coach, that is the guy who sits near me at work, reckons I should be aiming for 20mins a day with a couple of longer runs every week. One rest day a week. Keep that up until the City2Surf.

Do you think I can stick to it? How many days do you give me? Hours?