The Stig

22 06 2009

Michael Schumacher unveiled as Top Gear’s ‘Stig’

I guess that explains why he is an awesome driver.

On the Bus

3 04 2009

Was listening to my ipod on the bus this morning and suddenly had an incredible urge to start singing out loud.

I wish I:

a) owned a guitar,
b) knew how to play one and
c) carried it with me just for occasions like this.

Next time.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

17 03 2009

Happy St Patricks Day!

Christian dude. Long time ago. Ireland. Told people about Jesus. God in three shamrock leaves. Let’s drink Guinness!

Obama’s Elf

20 02 2009

The audacity of the elderly

10 02 2009

Last Tuesday I had a meeting out of town so I had the chance to spend the morning at home. I took the opportunity to pick up a waiting package from the post office, since this was a rare moment of freedom in their prohibitively narrow opening hours.
Anyhoo, on my way there, I found myself stuck on the footpath behind a little old man moving in a painfully slow shuffle. I saw he was clutching an envelope in his left hand (the one not holding the cane), a sure sign he had the same destination as me. So I decided to overtake him at the next opportunity so as to ensure he didn’t slow me down in the inevitably long post office queue. I executed the maneuver expertly some 10 metres before the post office and that, I thought, was the end of the matter.
Not so our diminutive octagenarian. No. Moments after I had taken my place at the end the queue, he shuffled into the post office and took what he deemed his rightful place ahead of me. He had the temerity to “push in” without even acknowledging my existence.
Now I would like to say that at this point I tapped our aged friend on his stooping shoulders and put him firmly in his place. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I lacked the audacity of the elderly that says, “I have lived long enough to be entitled to what is not rightfully mine.” Even though he was half my height and over 3 times my age, his overflowing self confidence intimidated me.
I look forward to being an old man so I can shuffle the sidewalk with the audacity of the elderly.


30 10 2008

From here.


20 09 2008

Why is it, that you can be absolutely exhausted all day, aching to rest your weary body…

…and then at bedtime you can’t get to sleep?

I’m uncomfortably warm.

Soon, summer will roll around and I will face the prospect of lying awake all night sweating whilst a mosquito does fly-bys of my eardrum.

On the plus side, tomorrows weather looks very “beachy”.

Today in the SMH

8 09 2008

Bit of a shock to see my old Headmaster staring at me from the SMH.

I thought he said some insightful things.

To what extent are the things he talks about the responsibility of schools as opposed to parents?

Do parents fall into the trap of leaving the raising of their children up to their teachers?

Tough gig parenting. Teaching too!

Happy Fathers Day

7 09 2008

To all you Fathers out there.

Good times at the Three Weeds

7 09 2008

Adri and I had a great night out on Thusday night.

We went to the 3 weeds in Rozelle, one of my favourite pubs, with Hammm and two of my former youth group boys, Alex and Calum.

We had yummy food, fabulous beers and a great catch-up. All of those guys are a pleasure to spend time with.

If you’re reading – thanks!

Edit – Speaking of old hotels in Rozelle, this caused us an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to get into the city yesterday morning! I reckon there will be a block of apartments there within 2 years.