Thursday Thought – John Pevely

1 05 2009

Apologies for the day-delay.

My Poppa, Mum’s dad, passed away on Wednesday morning. He was very old and had recently lost his wife, my Nanna. He had cancer and was in a fair bit of pain in the last days.

I’ve blogged about him and my Nanna before.

My thoughts have been with him this Thursday. It is sad to say goodbye to him. But it is also a great joy to know that I will see him again in the new creation.

Thursday Thought – Good

10 04 2009

I think the word “good” has been diluted.

When I was a kid in english class, if I used the word good, I would get in trouble for not being imaginative enough. There are better words to use than “good”. It’s a pretty lame way of describing something positive.

But I think good is just suffering from overuse. When you look at how the word “good” has been used in the past, you can see it’s actually pretty powerful.

For example, when God created the world, he looked at it and described it as (very) GOOD.

When someone called Jesus good, he said GOOD was a word that should only be used to describe God.

And how about GOOD Friday? The day when 2000 years ago, Jesus, the Son of God, was crucified and suffered the ultimate punishment in our place. He was punished so we don’t have to be. This is a GOOD day.

How good is the word GOOD?!?