Riding to Work

8 09 2008

I rode the new bike to work for the first time today. It was an absolute pleasure! Super speedy!

Garage-to-garage took me 34mins. It’s the first time I’ve timed it so I will have to start tracking my progress.

If I’m feeling really energetic (and why wouldn’t I be after riding to work!) I might even work out some stats… speed, splits, etc.

Just call me Cadel…

27 08 2008

I made a significant purchase last Saturday.

Work was kind enough to give me a year-end “Exceptional Contribution Bonus”, which I think means that I contributed this year and they see that as an exception. With some of my new-found spare cash, I splashed out on a brand new bike to get me too and from work.

A friend here at work hooked me up with the good people at Cranks in North Sydney, who are currently building me a Giant CRX 3, which is a flat bar road bike.

By the end of next week I will be zooming to and from work in next to no time!


25 07 2008

I love freebies. Perhaps because I am a tightwad at heart.

I got a great freebie the other day. Two silver tickets to the Bledisloe Cup this Saturday night!

A friend here at work one them in a raffle and couldn’t make it. So I am the beneficiery of his double-booked diary.

Adri and I will be heading to ANZ stadium tomorrow night, and at least one of us are looking forward to the All Blacks getting smashed by the Wallabies!

(Then home in time to watch Cadel take out the TT in le Tour! It will be a great night to be Australian!)

le Tour Update

23 07 2008

Big night in le tour last night. 2 uncategorised climbs and lots of people still in the hunt for le maillot jaune.

Cadel hung on strong for the whole stage. He finished in the second group with the rest of the contenders.

Frank Schleck maintains his slender lead, whilst Menchov and Vendevelde lost a lot of valuable time. Unless they can pull something special out tonight, they could be gone. this is good news for Cadel.

A spectacular crash from the young South African – Augustyn. He tumbled down an almost sheer, shale hillside after winning the big climb.

If Cadel can stay in touch with Schleck this evening, he should be well placed to take the prize in the final time trial.

Tonight is huge. The riders will finish high atop l’Alpe d’Huez. It will be exciting.

Check out the action here.


2 07 2008

I’ve taken up cycling… sort of.

Ever sinced we moved to our new place I was sure we were close enough to ride into the city for work.

Today I finally did it! On a borrowed bike from Stu Lobb.

It wasn’t too bad. It took me about 40mins, I’ve had a shower downstairs and I’m about to enjoy some Weet-Bix at my desk.

I’m more nervous about the ride home. Will have to leave nice and early to catch the last of the sunlight.