Race to Work

3 06 2009

Ok – quick quiz.

Who would win a race, from Drummoyne to my office in the city, between someone in a bus and a man on foot?

Easy right? Even in the most heinous rainy, Sydney, Victoria Rd traffic (like that seen this morning) a bus surely has all the advantages.

Well, we put that one to the test this morning. After 40mins of crawling from Gladesville to the Iron Cove bridge, I left Adri on the bus and started walking. I kind of intended to jump back on a bus once the traffic started moving, but it never did.

I walked all the way down Victoria Rd, over the Anzac bridge, through Pyrmont and onto the Pyrmont Bridge. Here my progress was stalled because the bridge was opened to let a tugboat push the Darling Harbour floating stage into the bay. I rang Adri to find that she was just about to get off the busout the front of my building a few hundred metres away. If I had made it to the bridge before it opened, I would have been able to meet Adri as she got off the bus!

I ♥ Victoria Rd.

Public Transport

3 03 2008

This post is going to sound like a whinge.

And it probably is a whinge. So I apologise in advance. If you don’t want to hear it, stop reading now.
Firstly, the buses on Victoria Rd lately have been poo. Today, I waited for 20 mins and then 5 turned up at once. It’s nice to have options, but I can’t get to work any quicker on 5 buses than I can on 1.

Secondly, there has been a drop in public transport etiquette. Now, I am a guilty party – I like to stand in the no standing section of the bus where you have the most room – but there are three things I think should go without saying on public transport.

  1. Cover your mouth when you cough.
  2. If there is a seat available, and someone is standing, don’t hinder them from sitting down. Slide across to the window, move your bag, do what it takes.
  3. Finally, do NOT, remove your toe nail polish with nail polish remover in a hot, crowded, poorly ventilated bus. I almost needed to spew.

Sorry for the rant. These are the selfish things I think about on my way to work. Maybe I should be thinking more along the lines of this guy.

I’ll try to lift my game on the public transport system as well.